Folksworth Golf Society

KnockOut Competition Rules
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1. The early rounds are played over 9 holes, to be played by the date stipulated and to be played to the matchplay format. i.e whoever wins the most holes wins the match. If you both agree, you can play over 18 holes as long as it is completed by the date shown.
2. Failure to play the games by the date stated could make both parties liable to disqualification. Copy me into any emails between opponents re arranging games to show that contact has be made in case of any disputes.
3. The semi-final and final to be played over 18 holes.
4. The first named player of each pairing to contact their opponent to arrange an agreed time and date to play their match on any course, if both agree. Otherwise the game to be played at Stilton Oaks.
5. All matches to be played to 3/4 of the full handicap difference, that figure is then halved if only playing 9 holes. For instance, Player A, handicap of 28, Player B, handicap of 16, the difference is 12, 3/4 of 12 is 9 (for 18 holes), but 9 is then halved if playing 9 holes only, which gives you a handicap difference of 4.5. This figure is rounded up to 5 and that is how many holes you get a shot on. These 5 shots apply to the five hardest holes according to the stroke index.
6. In the event of a game being tied after the 9 or 18 holes, sudden death extra holes will be played to a result. No shots will be given on the sudden death holes.
7. If playing 9 holes at Stilton I suggest, the play off holes as 8,9,8,9, but its up to you.
8. Rules of the course being played to apply. All matches to be played off the yellow Tees, and any queries regarding handicaps please contact me or look at the Society WEBSITE.
9. Enjoy the Competition in the manner in which it should be played.
10. Please check the web site for up to date handicaps or the latest competition results page.

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